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Vyborg, summer of 2018
I sincerely thank you for your enormous pedagogical talent, the highest professionalism, for helping our children grow strong and healthy 🔥💪⚽🏒
For an individual approach to each child, for helping to train with passion and interest.
Our children are looking forward to every next workout, both on ice and on the physical training ground. Sending Maxim to the training camp, we are sure that our child is in safe hands !!! 👍👍 And of course the training camp is an opportunity for each of us to go one step higher: in sports and in life !!!
Thank you, Pavel Vladimirovich and Mikhail Igorevich, that with great enthusiasm and patience relate to your work and by personal example you show how to relate to your favorite business любим
I wish you unlimited happiness, prosperity and good health. Let your sport and life path be easy and successful, bring satisfaction and joy !!!
Sincerely, Safronova, Vyborg, summer of 2018
Ksenia and Vasily
Returning to gray Moscow from the snowy sunny Imatra, I would like to insert my own few words about this wonderful place. Let's start, perhaps, with the most, in my opinion, loyal, energetically charged person, with the most open soul - SERGEY SVIRIDOV. A megapositive person who can solve any problem that has arisen, offer a bunch of scenarios)). We were at the camp for the first time, we won the trip in a competition, I can say that now you won't get rid of us) Further .. TRAINING COMPOSITION -Mikhail Davletov and Pavel Vinogradov. So fortunate was my son, he lived alone with the coaches, re-educated the child, certainly , for the better. The coaches are very located and psychologically prepared for working with children, which is very rare in our time, after training with these wonderful guys, children are not so enthusiastic about going to other coaches ((They like children very much and talk about children My son sat crying today and said that he wanted to train with the guys, and why we returned home, I laughed for a long time, for me it was a pleasant surprise, because in Moscow, in sports schools, alas, the trainings are not at all. TRAINING: specially selected method ka, we can say that they are individual for each participant of the training camp, due to the age and already existing skills of future champions, not otherwise.High-intensity and strength, as well as exercises on the possession of the puck, keep balance and of course the game itself. as well as stretching after each training session. The result is very noticeable at the end of the shift. NUTRITION: excellent chefs who know by the name of each child already on the second day can easily predict the taste preferences of everyone, varied, healthy and lovingly prepared food. There were no hungry people. ACCOMMODATION: rooms of the level \ "warmth and comfort \", a sauna in each room is very handy. In the summer, for sure, there is just a fairy tale, nature and air are dizzying. I did not want to leave, my son asked him to leave, and I went to work. We will be very happy to return here again, this is the very place where you want to come more than once ... Well-being and prosperity of this beautiful hockey camp. We kiss, hug. Ksenia and Vasily.
Alexandra Maksimova
"I found out about the camp by accident. My son is 8 years old. He has been playing hockey for about a year. After the first training session at Hockey is my life, the child said that one training session replaces 5 of our training sessions, which was very pleasant for us))) We returned only from training camps and are absolutely delighted. The child lives only with a hockey stick from hands)) I want to express my gratitude to Mikhail Davletov, Pavel Vinogradov and Alexander Suglobov. The trainers explain the complex elements very simply and easily, the training is very interesting. You don't leave the ice, but you crawl out very tired, but very happy)) Each child has his own individual approach. You are wonderful guys, professionals, thank you for being there)) "
Julia Zalogina
Goodnight! I want to say many thanks to the organizers and participants of the "Hockey is my life" training camps (shift 1 and 2). This is our first training camp with Svyatoslav, so I myself did not know what to expect and how it would happen, and most importantly what kind of reaction the child would have. My expectations in the end were beyond praise. Finland is a great place to relax and play sports and a real paradise for hockey camps. The venue itself is a complex of apartments located 4 km from the city of Imatra. The rooms are very spacious and comfortable with a Finnish sauna inside. The kitchen is equipped to the highest level, but naturally no one used the stove or dishwasher, as our Russian-speaking girls cooked fantastically. Very picturesque and beautiful views, pine forest, several lakes within walking distance and the air there is amazing!)))) It was a small digression, now I want to talk directly about the training process. The coaching staff is excellent !!! Pavel Vinogradov, Mikhail Dovlatov, Alexander Suglobov - an experienced, friendly and interesting team of children with a competent and professional approach to children. Everyone can easily find information about their personal qualities and experience in any Internet resource. The ice training was so exhausting that the lunchtime sleep began involuntarily, while my son ran to the afternoon training, only opening his eyes. What else I liked was their close male contact with children: jokes - in moderation, discipline - 200% and a maximum of SPORTS. Parents passed the children at a specific time before the start of the ice / RPF and then they were completely under the close supervision of the coaching staff. And adults could watch the process, or simply go about their business: armed with cameras, fishing tackle, a bicycle, etc. We went only on the first shift, but we liked everything so much, besides, the burning eyes of Svyatoslav did their job, and we stayed on the second shift, and if possible on the third. We hope to hold the next training camp with "Hockey is my life", only with the whole family!
P.S. Special thanks to manager Elena for the organizational moments and efficiency.
Maria Kudryashova
I want to start my review with what we arrived at the camp. My guys, 8 and 5 years old, started to skate relatively recently, and the level of skating and club ownership is poor. I did not expect beyond achievements, and therefore was amazed when, by the middle of the first week, the children began to perform elements that they could not master for a long time. Of course, this is the merit of the coaching staff. Pavel Vinogradov and Mikhail Davletov are fans of their craft and great professionals. The children came to the training camp for all ages, and each had their own approach, a training program that corresponded to their level. In the first shift, in addition to Mikhail and Pavel, Alexander Suglobov shared his experience, communication with which was especially interesting for older children. With them, Mikhail conducted very intensive training, characterized by a variety of exercises, balance and even fiction. I want to especially note and thank Pavel Vinogradov, who devoted most of his time, attention and patience to my children. Preventing familiarity, he found a common language with the children, was able to set up for work and build classes so that they would be a joy for the children. Tactful and, at the same time, demanding, he achieved amazing results. I regret only one thing that we are not able to train regularly under the guidance of such specialists as Pavel and Mikhail. Well, and probably it would be unfair not to mention the organizers of the Hockey is my life camp: Sergey's ideological inspirer; Lena, who was preparing our trip to Russia; Vitaly, in charge of our comfortable stay at the Saimaa life app; and of course, the hostesses of the kitchen, Tamara and Julia, who were clever to please small, sometimes moody, clients. Thank you all very much. With sincere gratitude and reliable meeting. Maria.
Anna Haricheva
I want to say many thanks to the camp. We went with the whole family: someone worked, someone rested.
Let's start with a wonderful place to stay: comfortable rooms, balanced food, clean and pristine nature. Personally, I was glad to work with a wonderful coaching staff. A nice option was that the Finnish coach attended the training, and I managed to talk with the guys from Neftekhimik. During training, we always had a pleasant, but working atmosphere.
After the training camp, I felt a surge of strength, I felt that I had significantly added to the class and level of hockey skill.
Thank you so much for a wonderful week of training :)
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