The camp's programme

We have developed a programme which is based on the world's best methods of training, focusing on the improvements of techniques and qualities which are fundamental to every ice-hockey player
Skill improvements
Our programme is based on the improvement of the fundamentals, such as: confidence in skating; passing; shooting; puck dribbling; stamina; reaction time; accuracy.
Learning the theory
Lessons to teach the tactics in ice-hockey. Examples of topics taught are attacking and defending in a zone, actions of a player while attacking and defending during a power play, different ways of entering or exiting a zone, general ice-hockey IQ.
Special physical training
A special programme inside a gym and outside in the fresh air which is bound to improve all around physicality
Dribbling off ice
Special effective exercises which improve puck control. Work done to improve the ability to get past players.
Game preparation
Improving coordination, agility, stamina and team chemistry in a different environment while playing sports like football (soccer) and basketball
Outside of training sessions
We have prepared a lot of fun activities for the participants and their guardians, so that they can distract themselves from all of the training sessions and have a fun time with their friends and family.
Training sessions on ice to improve the techniques of skating and shooting, speed and other
> 12 hours
> 2 hours
Theory lessons and explanations
> 10 hours
Physical training and improvement of stamina, raw power, speed and agility
The Programme in numbers

As a part of each shift each participant has to:
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